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Social Justice and Equity

Many clients enter counseling to deal with the psychological impacts of systems of oppression including (but not limited to) racism, ableism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia. As a counselor, one way I work to help my clients is to help dismantle the systems of oppression that harm them. Because of this, I believe that my work with a client doesn't end when their session ends, but that I can continuously work to improve societal conditions that my clients experience.

I believe that all people should have equal access to wealth, health, well-being, justice, opportunity and privilege. I acknowledge that this is far from reality in our society. Further, I acknowledge that I hold privilege that others do not. My goal is to always maintain awareness of my privilege during my interactions with others - both in the counseling room and outside of it.

I welcome open dialogue with my clients about how our differences might affect our working relationship. I am committed to continuously examining my values and beliefs, educating myself, and taking action in my community to work towards social justice and equity, not only for my clients, but for all those who are oppressed.

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