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for Adults

The path to adulthood is rarely a smooth one, and few of us arrive unscathed. Experiencing trauma is a natural part of life. Sometimes we are able to process the trauma effectively and move on from it, and other times it causes lasting emotional difficulty.

If you’ve found yourself feeling uninterested in the things you used to enjoy, feeling stuck, hopeless, or anxious, past experiences may be weighing you down. Old wounds and unexplored parts of ourselves can keep us stuck. I’ll work with you to explore and get to know the different parts of you, sort through what coping strategies have worked for you or may no longer be helpful, and sit with feelings that you don’t know how to process. Working together we can discover solutions, define strategies, and work through old wounds that hold you back. ​

Though trauma is often a part of life, the pain it can cause doesn't have to last a lifetime. 

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