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for Teens

The teenage years can be some of the most disorienting but exciting years of a person's life. These years bring higher expectations of parents or other family, friends, teachers, coaches, bosses, or significant others. On top of all this, you're trying to discover who you are, who want to be, and what you want your adult life to look like. That's a lot to handle all at once!

This time can also be confusing because though you've been given more responsibility and are expected to make some adult decisions, you're still not yet an adult, and you're still expected to follow the direction of the adults around you.

In my office, it's a little different. I believe that YOU are the expert on you. You know what you want, just maybe not how to get it. When we work together, you get to decide what your goals are, and we'll collaborate to decide how you would like to achieve them. It won't always look like you might expect counseling to look: some days we might play a board game or make art, and others we might spend time just talking. However we spend our time together, our aim will be to get you on the path to where you want to be.

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